TLDR; Train a neural net to identify midwestern fish specifes and create an interactive web app identify invasive specicies from user photos. is currectly in a mid-refactor state as I’m re-writing the python/flask web app in golang for fun and profit. Project Summary: The mobile web app has been awarded 3rd place in the semi-final round of : a first of its kind regional, eco focused engineering challenge.

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This tutorial walks users through an entire deep learning based NLP pipeline. The notebook demos a sentiment model for IMDB movie reviews using an LSTM and benchmarks the model against a linear model with tokenized TFIDF features. The LSTM model is then introspected by looking at works most likely to flip a review from positive to negative and vice-versa. Then TSNE is used to visualize the the distribution of the most impactful words in movie reviews.

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Josiah Olson

I’m interested in deep learning, deployment focused Data Sceince, and fly fishing.

Data Scientist Lead

Cleveland, OH