My top 3’s on a bunch of different topics. I hope future me isn’t too judgemental.

Top Engineering Podcasts:

  • Python Bytes
  • Software Engineering Daily
  • Changelog Network

Top Linux Podcasts:

  • Jupiter Broadcasting Network
  • Ubuntu Podcast
  • Late Night Linux

Top Data Science Podcasts:

  • Data Engineering Podcast
  • Data Framed
  • Linear Digressions

Top Beers:

  • Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA
  • Thirsty Dog 12 Dogs of Christmas
  • Rhinegeist Brewery Truth IPA

Top Cleveland East Side Parks:

  • Girdled Road Reservation
  • Chardon Living Memorial
  • Claridon Woodlands

Top TV Shows:

  • Mr. Robot
  • The Grand Tour / Top Gear
  • All or Nothing NFL

Top Vacations:

  • Traverse City
  • Olympic Peninsula
  • Taking a sabbatical to work on my personal projects (I wish!)

Top Python libraries you should be using but aren’t:

  • tqdm
  • vyper-config
  • bokeh

Top Deep Learning Hacks:

  • Batch Norm
  • Adam and its Descendants
  • Embedding one-to-many data by the model architecture

Top Youtube Channels:

  • Jeremy Howard:
  • GOTO Conference, StrangeLoop, FOSDEM (yes I’m grouping these as one, deal!)
  • L2inc

Top Twitter Personalities:

  • @fchollet
  • @jeremyphoward
  • @kelseyhightower